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I could tell you about few VERY DIFFICULT SITUATIONS I HAVE LIVED in 2020.

But I won´t.
Looking back, 2020 hasn´t been a bad year for me after all:

?? I featured in a book about inspiring women along some other 29 from all over the world
?? I was nominated for an entrepeneurship award
?? I designed a truck & a store
?? I did a talk at my school for International Women´s Day
?? I took part in 2 social media campaigns to help my region
?? I saw my daughter teaching my youngest to read during confinement
?? I got to work on some great projects, some I can´t tell due to confidentiality, and a big one I am yet to announce…
?? I spent some amazing summer days at a place in Galicia I wanted to visit for a long time… & learnt to paddle-surf (If you know me…this is a big goal!)

Some say…let´s forget 2020 and want it to end…I say…each day lived should be cherished.

Merry Christmas???


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