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Be Social part 1 and 2 are out!


Despite being a social networks’ user (a hard one) and embrace the advantages of the modern communication technologies, I can’t help to think too often we are losing all sorts of real human interaction between ourselves these days.


It is fair enough that, in large cities, everyone is rushing around, minding their businesses in public spaces; I can kind of accept that people don’t salute anymore when getting into lifts (I can only currently experience that when I am back in my hometown) and that we might consciously ignore someone lying on the floor in a public space thinking wrongly this person is a drunk, a drug addict or a homeless person instead of maybe considering the possibility that he/she is just unwell in the need of help… But what it’s become another frequent “social (antisocial)” modern custom in public transport is the fact that nobody even take out their eyes from their tablets, mobile phones and laptops during their entire journey. When was the last time you got into a train alone and didn’t check on your phone and just simply stared at the window (or at the guy/girl next to you which might be interesting to watch) for a while?


I have started my own social awareness graphic campaign, to make people aware of our ‘screen dependent’ behaviour.


So I have started my own social awareness graphic campaign, to make people aware of our ‘screen dependent’ behavior. An initiative to ask people to enjoy a bit more of human interaction, or just simple enjoy a view outside our LED screens. The images above is my first two awareness visuals, and I will be creating a series of those in the following months.

Will you support this initiative by sharing this image to your contacts? We might get a full underground train wagon where no one is using any devices for at least 5 minutes!

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