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Creating the identity for WHO´s Falls Prevention campaign

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This is a project that came unexpected after being on hold for almost 3 years.

I was selected after a competition with other creative agencies to design the brand identity and the first technical package by World Health Organization on Falls Prevention was presented on 27th April. After years of investigation, this document with over 180 pages rich in visuals provides very useful information and recommendations to prevent the over 680,000 deaths caused by falls every year. This is the 2nd cause of accidental death globally.

The project included designing the campaign logo STEP SAFELY and coming up with the concept design and layout for the main campaign document, along with infographic and social media posts.

It is been a journey to be part of this campaign, and a pleasant one. I only have good words about the team at World Health Organization, specially David Meddings and my team mates and colleagues Daniel Kent and Charlotte Shyllon who have done an extraordinary work of coordination, project management and communication planning.

Life is a about purpose, and when purpose is also seen through your work, it is specially fulfilling. I am so happy to be able to visually translate the document for everyone to read and understand.

Download the document here:

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