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Inpiring others: Laura Salesa interviewed for My Organic Life

Interview at My Organic Life

She is one of my dearest friends and a very inspirational person to look up to. I met Boberika at my second job in London as Graphic Designer. Our love for films, music, art and our desire to explore our creativity through across various disciplines brought us together. We made projects together and we inspired each other by sharing our talents.  It was sad to see her leave London last April, however I knew it was the right move for her: she was so excited to start up her brand new project and career path, “My Organic Life” an online platform where she shares tips and advise on how to live a healthy lifestyle through clever ways to eat. She is also very much involved in inspiring other women entrepreneurs like her or myself to fulfill her dreams through her contribution at the Empowered Women Channel and space for women to talk about their career dreams, the search for work/life balance and the pursue of hapiness.

Boberika asked me to be interviewed by her on my creative process and my journey to publish my first novel “New Era-The Chronicles of the Revealer” independently.

Read the full interview:

My good friend and blogger Laura Salesa is truly inspirational, as not only is she a blogger, freelance designer and mother, but she is also the author of her self published book ‘New Era – The Chronicles of The Revealer’ available in both Spanish and English. I cannot believe how much this talented woman can get done! I love her book so far and it’s a hard one to put down! I think it will make a brilliant movie and incase your wondering what it’s all about…

There is no electricity, no telecommunication system working, no information about the situation on other cities, countries. There is no escape. The Earth has been hit by Nature as the man have never witnessed before. In a forced return to the primitive methods of survival, humans struggle to see another day in a planet where the solar storms and solar radiation have almost ended their existence. Dana Suarez is just one more survivor. Apparently. An extraordinary, recently-acquired gift will lead her to find out exactly what happened on 21/12/2012. Answers that some do not wish her to discover.

My Organic Life: It makes you think! If something like that did happen, would you know how to forage for food and water? As a society that wants everything now, we are becoming so dependant on technology, how would you survive without all your electronics?

With so much going on and the launch of your new book how do you find the time to have a balanced life as well as pursue your career?

Laura Salesa: It’s part of my personality, my mind is always active, thinking about things to do or that I could do. It has always been like that. A key point is to have the understanding from the ones who you share your life with. My husband is also very creative and he understands that I need time on my own to create and that I need to do this creative work because it is my best way to express myself. Without doing creative work I would feel incomplete. It happened for the first few months after having my child. I was too busy or too tired to do anything else apart from taking care of my daughter and I was feeling I had lost my identity. That need to do and get done is what pushes me to split my life and my time in many areas of my life. You have to learn to divide yourself and your life into little compartments when you become a Mum, once you accept this you will be happy.

Do you think there will be a new era in which we will revert back to basics?

Laura Salesa: In a way we are seeing that already. After the technological revolution with the personal computers in the 80s, electronic music in the 90s and the mobile phone phenomenon of the 2000s, we have seen segments of people becoming aware of the isolation and individualism that the overuse of the personal devices can cause. There is uncertainty on where this will lead our social behavior in the short term, with more situations of interacting through devices rather than in person. I see very possible the appearance of “rehab” facilities for those addicted to use their devices, or summer camps for kids where those devices are not allowed so they learn some basic survival tricks without the use of google maps!

We won’t fully revert back to basics but hopefully we will use these technologies in a more practical and balanced way, otherwise there will be one day where humans will be born without the ability to speak because they won’t use their voice to talk anymore!

As a creative when you get creative blocks, how do you push past these?

Laura Salesa: I simply look at other artists work or stare at a beautiful landscape, at people walking in the street. Art originally started as a way to capture moments and Nature, when photography was not invented, so the main source and inspiration of your work is always to be found there, in the environment around you, in the people you see and the beauty you come across.


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