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Mujer Cantabria 2019

2019 has been probably the busiest and most rewarding year in my career.

APOLOGIES… I couldn´t find a moment to send you a Christmas card this year but here I am exposing a little summary of what I got this year. 2019 has been probably the busiest and most rewarding year in my career, something totally unexpected for me.

To name some of the highlights:

Designing event collateral for a global industry fair

– Landing on a Marketing and Branding manager job

– Becoming Associated Professor at University

– Becoming collaborator for a Social Media strategy agency

– Been nominated for an Award on entrepeneurial women in my region

– Contributing to POS and Store interior design

Designing packaging for a food brand

– Working on a Marketing strategy plan for a major business group

– Teaching to recruitment professionals on Social Media strategy

Writing content for various brands

– Leaving my two little girls at school on time every single day 🙂

Can´t wait to see what´s coming in 2020. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL.

Summary 2019

Video: Tenysol    |     Enterview & Edition: Laura Salesa

Thanks to: Nuria Salesa Amarante, Luis Gracia Velo(Ferroluz), Angel Miguel Gonzalez Madrazo, David Fernandez Pérez, Ainara Garcia-Gallastegui, Grupo SODERCAN, Grupo Clave, Óscar Lanza, Javier Barbero Sampedro, Elena Cazalilla, Eva Martin Gallego, Sandra Martín Arnaiz, Pilar Santaolalla Montoya, Lorenzo Mañanes, CIC, nanoGUNE, RE100, LTD.


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